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  • Activation of user profile, at first login
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As a new IPsurvey user, one will receive a Welcome e-mail when one's contact person, often the Database administrator, creates the user profile. 

The e-mail contains, besides the name of the contact person (1) also a link (2) - sometimes just as text, to the activation page.

When given access to several databases, a welcome e-mail per database is received. The same credentials (e-mail and password) is used for all databases. The link (2) points to the database login page - not the activation page.

To activate your user, follow these step

  1. Open the invitation e-mail title "Welcome to IPsurvey"
  2. Follow the link to the activation page
  3. Verify the name and number, if information is missing please add
  4. Do not change this setting, it is decided by your administrator
  5. Create your own password, it must contain one digit number and at least 5 characters
  6. Click to save and activate the user profile. You will be re-directed directly to the database
    Afterwards, is it always possible to change the created password, just activate the "Forgot password" from the login page






Sample first Welcome e-mail:

Activation page:

Sample second or following Welcome e-mail:


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