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Database usage

The local administrator can get a quick overview of the database usage compared to the pricing from the dynamic graph (see below) which always shows the current number of new families in the database. The total number of new families added to the company’s database and the corresponding billing period, which normally is one year, is stated above the graph.

Each time a family is added either by a search profile or by manually adding, the number of families for that day are displayed in the graph as a blue dot. By hover the dot with the mouse, the exact number of families added and the date will be displayed. The trend for the current billing period is displayed as a blue line.

Below the graph is the price levels as agreed upon in the contract listed, the currency is either Danish kroner (DKK) or Euro (EUR). Each price level is also displayed as a bold black line in the graph to indicate when the price level will change.

The "Price list" tab is opened from the company administration menu (which is opened from the left menu).



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