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DKPTO/NPI uses the program Mikogo e.g. when presenting IPsurvey or to support a user typical an administrator, via a remote desktop session.


User requirement for the HTML viewer:

A internet connection, a phone (conference phone if many user are sitting in the same room) and a browser. No installation or download is required when using the HTML viewer to join the session. ActiveX, Java, and Flash are not required and the HTML viewer works seamlessly with Windows, Mac and Linux computers and mobile devices. (Participant Reference Guide and Security Document).

Invitation to a Mikogo session: 

The user(s) get an e-mail invitation to a Mikogo session. The e-mail contains information about date/time and expected duration of the session. By following the link (1) in the mail you are forwarded to the Mikogo webpage, see below.

How to join a session:

A new browser opens with the Session Login screen, please follow step 1-2 to join a session:  

  1. Enter the name of the user joining the session, please be aware that the name entered will be visible to other users joining the same session and for the presenter.
  2. Click on link "For joining view-only" to avoid software download and temporary installation, softly after the connection will be established

Duing a session:

The screen size (zoom ration) can be changed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the remote desktop top bar. 

If the connection is lost during a session and the browsers is refreshed, because of the security level the session is "locked" and the presenter needs to "unlock" it while the browser refreshes.

To leave a session just close the browser or the remote desktop top bar.




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