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Featuring the following headings:

Charts changed from linear to bar charts

Dashboard chart

The dashboard chart now uses a logarithmic scale to visualize the number of found references better.

For administrators only:

Search profile execution chart

The chart is cleaned of other information as the "family count" now is displayed in the price list chart. The execution chart (see below) therefore only displays the total amount of resolved references added to IPsurvey by this search profile. Each bar displays the accumulated number of resolved references on a specific day within the last 12 months. To see the exact number of resolved references added on a specific day e.g. 31 of January once has to subtract the resolved references on the 30 of January.

Price list chart

The chart displayes both the total amount of families (used for invoicing) and the trend-line. It displays a period of 12 months following the invoice period. 

Espacenet link replaced with PVSonline link for Danish references

When a Danish reference can be found in our own public database (PVSonline) then IPsurvey will display a link to PVSonline instead of Espacenet. In PVSonline the complete file wrapper including all publication types (A,B) is available only 4 days after publication.

The link in detailed view points to and when clicked upon the related reference opens in a new browser window (see below). Here is an example of such link

To open a PDF version of the document click on the button <Åbn i PDF>.

A patent file wrapper normally contains some or all of the following documents:

Danish titleEnglish title
L - Alm. tilg. patentanasøgningPublished patent application, only claims and (if available) drawings
A1 - Alm. tilg. patentanasøgningPublished patent application

A8 – Patentansøgning med rettet forside

Correction of: Published patent application frontpage
A9 – Rettet patentansøgning

Correction of: Published patent application

B1 - Meddelt patent

Patent granted (Law 1993)

B2 – Patent ændret efter indsigelse

Patent amended (Law 1993)

B3 – Patent ændret efter adm. ompr.

Patent specification amended after administrative reexamination (acc. patent law 1993)

B8 - Patent med rettet forsideCorrection of: Patent granted frontpage (Law 1993)
B9 – Rettet patentCorrection of: Patent granted (Law 1993)
Ansøgningsdokument Filed application
NyhedsrapportSearch report 
Nyhedsrapport (GB)Search report in English

Export of company information into HTML and PDF

The following Company information can be exported into a HTML or PDF file:

  1. Company name and adresse
  2. Type of database - application or patent
  3. Preferred language - English, German or French
  4. Name and users per department
    1. users name
    2. e-mail
    3. role in IPsurvey (Local administrator, Local user, Read only user)
    4. user status in IPsurvey - "active" or "suspended"
  5. IPsurvey name and content for all search profiles assigned to the company

The <Export> tab is opened from the company administration menu (which is opened from the left menu), see the screenshot bellow..

Both types of export open in a new browser. The PDF file can be saved or printed by hovering the bottom of the page to activate the Adobe toolbar.

Below an example of a company export to PDF:


Left menu improvements

Left menu improvements
  • The name of the current (active) company, is now displayed right under the users name in the top of the left menu area.
  • <Change company> button instead of link

  • A link to the "IPsurvey knowledgedatabase" is added underneath the menu buttons.
  • A link to the release notes is added next to the number of the current release in the bottom of the left menu area.
  • The recycle bin is only visible when it contains at least one deleted reference.

Since it is not possible to work with several companies at the same time, users which are assigned to more than one company have to change between them.

To change company, click on the <Change company> button in the left menu and choose a company to switch to in the pop-up window.

Left menuPop-up window with companies assigned to the user

Recycle bin

The user specific recycle bin allows users to delete references and if necessary to recover them again from the recycle bin. As the recycle bin is user specific, a reference is only deleted for this particular user.

References can both be deleted from list view and detailed view. The recycle bin is only visible in the left menu when it contains at least one deleted reference and the total number of deleted references is always displayed.

The deleted references are listed in the recycle bin, in list view and from the "Tools" menu it is possible to define with fields are displayed <show/hide columns>.

Deleting references:

List view

In list view, mark the reference(s) to be deleted and choose in the "Tools" menu "Delete Selected Reference(s)" or use the short cut (D):

Detailed view

To delete references in detailed view, click on the "delete" icon in the top right corner.

To avoid deleting a reference(s) by mistake, the user has to accept to move the reference(s) by clicking "OK" in the pop-up box, independently of with method used when deleting.

Restoring reference(s):

List view:

To restore a reference(s) from list view, mark the reference(s) and choose "Restore Selected Reference(s)" from the "Tools" menu.

Detailed view:

To restore a single reference from detailed view (opened from list view in the recycle bin) click on "restore" in the upper right corner. The title is strikethrough and the date and time for deletion is added to all the references in the recycle bin.

Search terms highlight in the search result

When searching in a IPSurvey database <Left menu><Search>, the search terms are highlighted in list view, to clarify why the reference(s) was found by the search.

Lists layout are saved when editing departments under the <Users and departments> menu

Following users request, the columns order and columns sizes for all list views are saved when administrating users and/or departments in the left menu <Administration><Users and departments> tab.

Enabled word wrap for all columns in the reference list view

In list view all columns are word wrapped properly, including dates and reference number, compared to the older versions where only title and abstract columns were word wrapped.

Bug fixed: Wrong number in the status report compared with the counter "New since last report" on the dashboard

The number in the status report and the counter on the dashboard now match again.

Bug fixed: Not able to scroll in dropdown menus

When e.g. assigning references to a department is it posibble to the scroll in the dropdown menu. 

End of release notes



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