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  • Release 2.9
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Bug fixes

  1. The <comment field> in detailed view:
    1. it is now again possible to both create comments and edit existing comments, also if comment contains an XML markup - first part of several fix before bug is completly solved.
  2. Tools menu broken in the Administration panel
  3. Maximized page (left menu closed) is saved for all pages, even when switching between pages in detailed view
  4. When a IPsurvey family contains more than 1 reference then switching between references resulted in broken layout


  1. In list view the performance is improved when the "Tags" column is displayed
  2. In the <Comment field> all added hyperlinks are clickable and the links opens in a new browser tab.
  3. Reference added to IPsurvey after re-run of an archive, is automatically tagged with the searchable "Archive re-run" tag
  4. HTML export optimized for screen display of search profiles
  5. Advanced search form:
    1. Application number field renamed to "Reference number"
    2. Default operator changed to <contains> for the "Reference number" and all the date fields ("IPsurvey entry", "Publication date" and "Filed date")
    3. Corresponding family member searchable e.g. when abstract displayed is from corresponding family member

Other changes

  • The layout in the summery e-mail is optimized and text explanations improved



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