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The administrator can suspend the users access to IPsurvey at any time, the most common reason is that the user has left the company. 

A user with the status "Suspended" can no longer login to the databaseSuspending a user has the same effect as deleting a user from the database. Because of the tagging/comment feature, is it not possible to completely delete a user from a database.

All users without relation to at least one department is shown in the system folder "Orphans".

To suspend an user follow these steps:

  1. Open the tab "Users and departments” from the <Administration> left menu
  2. Click on a department which have the user assigned, the user list is displayed below the department title
  3. Click on the users e-mail to open his or hers user profile and change

  4. In the user profile change: 

    1. <Departments> which departments the user are assigned to, per default are all departments assigned.

    2. <Status> to ”Suspended”

    3. <Status report frequency> to ”Never” if the user is suspend in all departments.

    4. Click on <Save> to save the changes in the database

  5. To verify the changes, open the tab ”Export” from the <Administration> left menu and select one of the two export formats HTML or PDF


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