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In the user profile these settings is variable:

  • Role in current company e.g. Patent- and Varemærkstyrelsen. If an user is assigned to more than one company, they can have different roles,  in each company they are assigned to.
  • Status in database: Active or Suspended. A suspended user do not have acces to the database. If an user is assigned to more than one company, the users has to be suppended in each company.
  • Status report frequency: Daily or on a specific weekday (weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • Send status report..: The status report is send also when there is no new or updated references in the database
  • Don't count references...: When assigning an user to an existing database all references are marked as "not viewed in detail" on this users dashboard. Check this box if it is only references added after the users creation date that should be marked as "not viewed in detail"

How to change a setting in the user profile:

  1. Open the user profile from the left menu <Administation> under the tap <Users and Departments>
  2. Open the folder <Orphans> if the user is not assigned to a department otherwise open the relevant folder <department> where the user is assigned
  3. In the user list, click on the users e-mail to open the profile
  4. Change one or more of the settings, to apply the changes press <Save> or <cancel> to discharge the changes.
  5. Regardless if the profile was updated or the changes discharged IPsurvey returns to the tap <Users and Departments> screen. 
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