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Bug fixes:

Search form:

Both search functions, Simple search [1] and Advanced search [2], will now return, to the filled search form used for searching, when "edit search parameters" [3] is clicked.

Number lists

Number of hits shown per list, can be altered from the default 10 in the drop-down menu to 20, 50, 100 or 200  and this setting is kept per list. The total number of hits is listed in the right corner. 



Improvements for administrator

Alphabetically sorting 

All list containing either user or departments are now sorted alphabetically. If a list contains more then one column, most columns can also be sorted e.g. low/high. This is indicated by the arrows   at the end of the column name. 

Tap - Users and departments [4]

Renaming "Orphans folder"

The folder Orphans has been renamed and font changed: “Users not belonging to any departments”. This change is done to clarify that it contains users who are not assigned to any departments, e.g. suspended users. These users will have a blank dashboard, not be able to see any references in the database and will not receive any status mails.

Departments [5] are now sorted alphabetically.

Within each department it is now possible to sort each column alphabetically [6] or low/high. The user selected sorting will be remembered for each specific Department.

Number of user shown per list, can be altered from the default 10 via the in the drop-down menu to 20, 50, 100 or 200 [7]. This option is only available when the list have more then 10 hits. The setting is personal and will be remembered for each specific Department.

Tap - Export

When exporting [8] to either HTML or PDF the departments and user are automatically sorted alphabetically.

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